Germany 2015

System Grand Master Message

I started practising Traditional Taekwon-Do at the age of twelve. Today after twenty eight years of practising the same Martial Art System I remain dedicated to Traditional Taekwon-Do as Martial Art and as a way of life.
I have been fortunate to have as Grand Master, Kwon, Jae-Hwa whose example and teaching will guide always me.
By following the traditional values of Taekwon-Do as these are taught by Grand Master Kwon,Jae-Hwa in his 50 years of Taekwon-Do “work” in Europe I remain dedicated to the same system. Through my teaching I will try to pass these values to Traditional Taekwon-Do students and Masters in years to come.
Traditional Taekwon-do is a lifetime commitment and a wonderful journey of experiences.
     System Grand Master
Petros Petrou Agamemnonos
System Grand Master Message