Germany 2015

Kids 4-6 years old ‘ Babinis ‘

We have developed the “Babinis” program from the realisation that a youth and adult fight sport, which in principle all serious martial arts and martial arts are, is rather unsuitable for small children. Already children and young people learn and move quite differently. They need specially designed content to ensure healthy physical and mental development. We take this into consideration and work with specially developed teaching programs for all ages.

The nursery school or preschool age is an important development stage for children as well as for physical development. However, a large proportion of the martial arts and martial arts offerings on the market do not adequately take this into account. The fewest instructors are taught the different phases of development or the anatomy of children. Our Federation Teachers are able to demonstrate not only basic skills in sports medicine, but also pedagogical foundations. Continuous further education is a must. In our program we pay particular attention to the following:

balance – agility – coordination – skill – fitness – force – Tempo and timing – Teamwork

                         All  ‘ Babinis ‘ classes are tought by our Schools Leaders

                                                    a week of free trial is offered